Robert Stanelle

 Original Music

These eighteen numbers are all original with lyrics I penned. The music and vocals on most are done by my friend, Jerry Joe Holland, with a few exceptions. We hope you will enjoy them and feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or about the lyrics. Now, simply turn up your speakers and click on a song title to listen and enjoy. The individual numbers are:

 1 -Nightmares (Inside my Head)

      My reaction to the bad dreams we all have on occasion.

 2 - Promise You Tonight

      Written for an old guitar player I know who simply enjoyed not settling down anywhere but spending his life traveling, playing and finding love on the run. I have often envied him.

 3 - Miss Dracula

      Written about my ex-wife LOL and would also fit several other women I've known! I see this as a great song for any hard rock group. Man or woman, you'll probably recognize someone you know in the words and be singing along with it.

 4 - Only the Strong Survive

      Written for both Jerry and myself when going through some tough times and certainly fits all of you who have experienced the same.

 5 - Hot Day in Austin

      I wrote this sitting in the lobby of a youth hostel on a hot day in Austin, Texas. It tells the story of an old guitar picker looking back on his life. I actually wrote it with Willie Nelson in mind. Yes, I do have my dreams!

 6 - Full Moon Dance

      Written about a former high school sweetheart and remembering when we were madly in love. Perhaps it will bring back a memory for you also.

 7 -Don't Love You Anymore

      Another number written about my ex-wife. Ex's certainly do provide one with a good share of material. It's a way to get at least something out of the marriage. LOL

 8 -They're All Gone (This Lovin' Game)

      This is a favorite of everyone who hears it. It's the story of a man looking back on all of his lost loves and simply laughing about his reflections and circumstance.

 9 - Love is Dumb as a Rock

      The title speaks for itself as the words reflect on all of the dumb things we do or have done in the name of love! You will likely recognize yourself somewhere in the tune.

10 - Just a Form Letter

      A fun little ditty about a woman who uses men (or vice versa if you like). We are again laughing at our self to a degree.

11 -My Angel

      This is a bluesy number written for a woman I once greatly loved.

12 - Waiting

       This was written during a time when two lovers were separated and a long distance apart. It speaks deeply to all who have suffered such a problem. It was the first song of mine ever performed in public, at a popular club in Ashland, Oregon. I was greatly touched as it brought most of the women in the audience to tears, including my date!

13 - Hotter Than the Past

       This speaks to a great experience I had with a former lover. I only wish she wasn't "former." I'd gladly welcome her back.

14 -Chameleon Love

       This number speaks to the ups and downs, confusion and often changing colors of love. Another number where you find your self having lived the words.

15 - To Grandpa

       This song is the closest to my heart of anything I have ever written. I wrote it shortly after my grandfather's funeral and in tears myself as he was the finest man I have known and the greatest influence on me and my life.

16 - Rocky Mountain Boogie

       A fun little ditty written in honor of my mother who loved "boogie woogie" and taught me how to dance. I have always been grateful for that.

17 - Back Door Love Affair

       Written about a woman who was going through a divorce but yet kept going back to the man she was supposedly leaving. This is the lament of a man who loves her and is sadly waiting for her.

18 - Colors of Christmas (1) Colors of Christmas (2)

       My portfolio would not be complete without at least one Christmas song, so here it is in two versions, a slow and an upbeat. Are you listening Dolly Parton? Ah, yes, my dreams continue.  

All work (c) Robert L. Stanelle - Contact for recording information.