Robert Stanelle

(Chinese Language).

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 I write and have been fortunate to have a variety of materials published over the years. You may read parts or all of some here with links to purchase where applicable. Should you find you enjoy my writing, I do a variety of written work for individuals, businesses and corporations. Feel free to contact me with your project needs.


 These are my major authored works, each with a link where they can be purchased. I am particularly proud of my work about China and encourage you to purchase a copy if you find you enjoy my writing.

 1-CHINA: In My Eyes

 The true story of my five years living and teaching in Wuhan, China. Published 2013.  

 and search by STANELLE or book title.

 2- CHINA: In My Eyes
The true story of my five years living and teaching in Wuhan, China. Published 2017.

 and simply search by STANELLE to purchase, if you prefer to read it in Chinese. 

 3-A Comprehensive Postgraduate English Curriculum (ESL Text Book)

 Designed to make teachers of ESL better teachers and to help students of ESL become more proficient in the

  English language. Published by Zhejiang University Press; Hangzhou, China, 2010.

 4-An Overview of English Speaking Countries (Text Book)

 Published by Central China Normal University Press; Huazhong, China, 2012.



 I have been fortunate to spend a lot of time in South America, China, Southeast Asia and Nepal. My stories and journals reflect much of those experiences. I hope you will enjoy them.
 1-El Silencio del Corderos - Images of the South American Poor 
 2-Journey to El Fin del Mundo - Southern Argentina and Chile
 3-Life On the Color Line - The Black/White Experience in the United States
 4-Travels with Robert: A Southeast Asia Odyssey (Observations from eleven weeks traveling in SE Asia)
 5-Travels with Roberto: A South American Fandango (Traveling in northern Argentina and Paraguay)
 6-Where Have You Gone, Joe Adcock?  (A baseball love and divorce story)
 7- Journey to the Land of the Inkas - Traveling in Peru and Ecuador



 These are a few short stories of various lengths that I have penned. I hope readers will find one or two they enjoy. Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts or questions. You will again see my world travel influence in some of them.


 1- Because the Moon is Made of Green Cheese

 2- Chasing Rhinos In Nepal

 3- Death of a Virgin

 4- Death of a Visionary

 5- Don't Judge Substance by Style

 6- Hiking China's Famous Tiger Leaping Gorge

 7- Right Hand, Left Hand, Trigger Finger

 8- Second Chance Myth

 9- Spam and the Internet

 10- Spammers - Criminals Not Entrepreneurs

 11- Shoot First America

 12-The Man Who Knew Too Much

 13- Trust - Five Letters that Mean so Much



  I like to let my mind wander on occasion and write a little mostly free verse as to my thoughts at the time. Like all poetry, you may not care for it or may find a few thoughts that you like and might make you think. Again, I hope readers will find at least one or two they care for and feel free to contact me with any thoughts or questions.

 1- Beauty

 2- Brightest Star

 3- Can It Be?

 4- Confusion Reigns

 5- Death 101 (8/16/77)

 6- Fruit and Nuts

 7- Happening

 8- In Your Own Shadow

 9- Long Time to Dry

 10- Mary

 11- Riverside Park

 12- Searching For You

 13- Trunkful of Thoughts

 14- We're Not Beautiful



 I have not placed any scripts on this site simply because of length and space.Please contact me should you wish to perform any of these and I will help you out with suggestions. Names can, of course, be changed and roles adapted as needed for your class or audience. All of my work here was written for educational purposes. Performing in front of an audience helps give those of all ages confidence in their own abilities to speak and bring enjoyment and laughter to others. Performances can also be linked to special or fund-raising events as you wish. They are not overly difficult to perform and the children or young adults normally find great joy in doing so. Audiences love them! You may also purchase any of them at

 1- Eddie Elf & the Magic Dream Bag

 2- Four Princesses Search for Four Princes

 3- Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

 4- Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs: A Musical Version

 5- Spinderella & the Royal Ball

 6- Spinderella & the Royal Ball: A Musical Version

 7- Tale of the Monkey King Meeting the Chinese Zodiac

 8- The Chinese Cowgirl & the Big Bank Robbery

 9- The Four Little Piggs & How They Defeated the Big Bad Wolf

 10- The Legend of the Shaolin Shadow: A Musical Tale

 11- The Romance of Brad and Angelina: A Musical Love Story

 12- The Three Beautiful Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf Boys

 13- The Three Beautiful Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf Boys: A Musical Dinner Story

 14- The Three Little Churches and How They Grew

 15- The Wizard of Oz: A Musical Story


 I have written several stories for young children that are not yet published. I am actively seeking an

illustrator who can draw young children of all races and ethnic groups plus colorful and mostly anthropomorphic animals. Please contact me should you have interest and wish to discuss it.