Robert Stanelle

 Public Speaking & Programs Offered

I offer a great variety of programs in world travel, human resources training or teacher training and student development for both high school and university levels. My experience includes the presentation of over 300 programs throughout the world including North and South America, Asia and Europe. Programs offered include those below but I have presented many others. Please contact me to ask about any program idea you wish.

 1- Art & Science of Building a Career

  Designed for college underclassmen of high school seniors. 2 hours.

 2- Art & Science of Leadership

  Designed for college students at any level. 2 hours.

 3- Building a Career for the 21st Century

 Designed for university underclassmen of high school seniors. 2 hours.

 4- Conference Planning & Organization

 Designed for university business of hospitality vocation students. 2 hours.

  5- Creativity and You

 Designed for learners at all levels. 2 hours.

 6- Enhancing Your College Career in Preparation for Life Success

  Designed for university underclassmen. 1 to 2 hours.

 7- Interviewing: A Planned Event

 Excellent for those ready to enter the job market at any level. This is a minimum 4 hour workshop, that can be extended to 8 hours if we include individual practice interviewing and critiquing.

 8- Preparing for Opportunities of Tomorrow Today

 Designed for university underclassmen or college-bound HS seniors. 2 hours.

 9- Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

 This is a simple method guaranteed to improve your presentation skills at any level in just one hour. 1 hour.

 10-Student Development: Preparing for Success Outside the University

 Designed for university underclassmen. Can be 1 or 2 hours as desired.

 11- Writing Your Winning Resume & Cover Letter

 Designed for those preparing to enter the job market at all levels.

 12- Teaching English in China or Elsewhere Overseas

 Designed for university seniors interested in such opportunities.

 13- World Travel: Wandering on One's Own

 I offer programs on traveling Argentina, Chile, Uruguay/Paraguay, southern Brazil, Thailand, Cambodia, Lao, Viet Nam, Singapore and Nepal, all of about 2 hours in length, or more if desired. I have extensive experience living in China (six years) and traveling the country. I can present China from two hours to the entire day or more. I have also traveled toSouth America on eleven occasions including one summer research project while in graduate school.