Robert Stanelle


Statistically, they tell us a huge number of Americans are now regular users of the Internet. Again, statistically, they claim billions of email “spam” is sent each day. Spam being defined basically as the old postal equipment of junk mail, you know, that stuff most of us used to throw away without ever opening.

The word “spam” though, meaning things we do not want, can apply to many things in my estimation. Certainly telemarketers that pester us in our homes is another type of spam. Advertisements on television that play at a much higher volume so we can’t even escape them by going to the bathroom is another type of spam. Advertising that plays false images in an effort to not only influence but to truly deceive is another. Unfortunately, in my opinion, we have developed into a world of spam.

The Internet. All users of the Internet have been crushed by a world of spam. It has become “normal” for any user to have more e-mail messages that are pure unwanted spam than to have legitimate messages from those we wish to hear from. I, as most users, find it disgusting to get bombarded with ads for Viagra, loans, penis enlargement, singles sites, weight loss, prescription drugs and even spam from so-called legitimate businesses such as Del Webb retirement communities. I have responded many times to them to get me off their lists, yet I still receive their crap. How many of you have the same problem? You check the “remove” button, but it just doesn’t happen. Or you get a message that it will take six-eight weeks to remove your address – when it took them two damn seconds to put it on! Removal should be IMMEDIATE – NEVER AGAIN. Bill Gates claims to be looking for a way to stop spam. All I can say is “Go Bill.” Think windows is big? Imagine how big a program would be that would stop spam!

And the most severe penalties should be given to those who use any servers other than their own. I read more and more about spam hackers who literally hijack other computers by setting up programs that send spam through your personal computer. You become a conduit for some sex site that you no nothing about and have never entered in your life! Your computer relays it to another computer that relays it to another computer and so on and so on and so on. These people deserve the severest of possible penalties. I am thinking a bullet relayed between a thousand guns until fired.

Tele-marketing calls? Isn’t obvious that people hate these things? Why would anyone take a job as a telemarketer and suffer the abuse (though one could argue that abuse is well-deserved). When the government recently started a do-not-call registry, it was overwhelmed by 735,000 number registered in the first 17 hours alone. Over 23 million numbers in the first two weeks. They expect 60 million to sign up by October 1. Are any of you surprised? Another good use for the relayed bullet.

TV advertising? Isn’t it irritating when the volume suddenly blasts out of you set when a commercial comes on? Do you know anyone who appreciates this? It actually makes me dislike whatever product is being touted. Evidently there are also many stupid viewers out there who believe if you drink a certain product or drive a certain product or wear a certain product you will also get the girl! (or guy!) I would ask if there are advertisers out there who think we actually believe this stuff, but then I do know some really stupid people who do actually believe this stuff! Sorry, just more spam to me.

Politics. Finally, I find it amusing, interesting and, most of all, disgusting, how spam has weaved it’s way into the world of politics. Here I refer specifically to the White House / Presidential e-mail system which used to be a simple president@whitehouse dot gov First, the Bush White House complained that it was getting about 15,000 e-mails a day and, frankly, they did not like what they were saying and wanted to, has Archie would have said to Edith, “stifle it.” So they redesigned the site to make it more difficult to find the presidents address – sort of a reverse spam. It was redesigned so one had to go to has many as nine web page links and the writer now had to indicate whether they were writing a “supporting comment” or a “differing opinion” As one person said, support of what?, differ with what?, “Can’t you just ask a question?” Maybe you want to ask a question to help you decide if you agree of differ?

Needless to say, the reaction to the redesign was not one of enthusiasm by the public. What is Bush hiding and why? How strong was public reaction? Days later you could again write to I, for one, have many questions for Bush. He has never answered any of my questions to my satisfaction, but I can ask again!

Final comment on spam. Check out the Presidents web page. Walking dogs, kissing babies and All-American crap. No realities of the world, no issues covered, no explanation of his horrible policies, just gag-me-with-spoon crap. Political spam in it’s highest form, media written, media driven. As long as the world avoids truth and chooses instead to be full of such spam, led by our politicians ………………………….